Rolling right along… almost!

March 12, 2009

Oh, Oliver!  It’s been so long I don’t even know where to start!  Actually, I wrote a really good post last night in my head, while I was trying to fall asleep last night.  It was quick, and witty, and full of cute information about you.  And, when I woke up this morning, I couldn’t remember a dang thing.  Shoot.  

Well, that might be partially because you are not still sleeping through the night.  You decided you liked that midnight/one am feeding, so it’s back!  I’m not totally surprised, but I am a little exhausted at this point!  That sweet, sweet taste of sleep last month… wow, Oliver.  That felt good.  Seriously.  YOU SHOULD TRY IT!  But, I think that your sleeping habits have actually taught me something about this whole parenting thing.  Don’t get comfortable.  Not even for a second.  Cause the minute I think I have a system down with you… that I know what time you will get up, how long you will sleep, if you will cry in the car or not… the second I think I know something, you change it up on me.  

There have been some pretty big changes with you this last month.  You can definitely flip yourself over from your tummy to your back, although you are pretty particular about where you do it.  Pretty much you only roll in your crib, after you wake up from a nap, you get your legs under you and push yourself over.  Then you lay there and babble to yourself.  It’s pretty fun for your Dad and I to lay in bed and listen to you be happy.  And the best part is, that when we do go in to get you, you greet us with a huge smile!  

You are pretty close to actually rolling over at other times, and there really isn’t any rush to do it, but you get yourself pretty frustrated when you can’t quite get that total roll down.  I know it will come soon enough, and I know before long you will be pulling yourself up on furniture and in your crib.  You already pull yourself up on Dad’s hands, all the way up to standing, and boy do you look super proud of yourself!  

As much as we love to play with you, I have to admit that there are times when I love putting you in your exer-saucer and letting you go to town!  The first time we put you in it, there was a lot of face-planting into the toys.  But from then on you had it!  And now, you just love spending a little time in there entertaining yourself.  And that lets me throw in the laundry, do the dishes, use the bathroom by myself (such a treat!), or do a little cleaning.  I don’t know if it is the exer-saucer or the play mat or your toys, but you have got a serious little grip now, and you are really good at reaching out and grabbing things.  When we went to the doctor this month, they said I should start to watch for you passing things from hand to hand.  I looked at them like they were crazy, handed you a toy, and you passed it to your other hand.  It was a nice moment to show you off!  

Gosh, Oliver, there is so much more!  We changed you from the bassinet on your stoller to the big kid seat, and we’ve actually gotten to use it a couple of times because the weather is finally starting to warm up!  You got to visit your Grandma Annie, and your Aunt Cindy in the last couple of weeks and show off your growing cuteness.  And we scheduled a visit from your Ukki and Amma at the end of this month that we are really looking forward to!  

I promise I will try to write more often.  Daily may not happen, but I can barely remember all the great stuff that has happened with you in the last month, and even though I’m looking forward to what comes with you, I really want to be able to look back on this and remember how fun every day was!  Ok Ol, I’m leaving you with a bunch of pictures of you playing this last month.  You sure have gotten big… almost 16 pounds already!  Don’t grow up too fast, ok?  Love you little man.  







Even Pirates need baths!

March 3, 2009

Oh Oliver, I’ve gone and turned your blog from the daily oliver into the monthly oliver.  What can I say… we’ve been busy!  I don’t have time for a full post, but man do we have alot to tell!  Here’s a little taste of your cuteness… and cleanness!  


A perfect 10!

February 8, 2009

Oliver, my darling not-so-little baby!  You slept 10 straight hours last night! I can hardly believe it! Although I have to say that I didn’t get to sleep straight through, as my girls needed some pumping action, but still… we’re pretty happy about you sleeping so long.  I think we are pretty close to you sleeping through the night.  Actually, you pretty much just did.  Hopefully, you will keep sleeping through the night.  We’ll see!  

One other nice thing is that you seem to be crying less and less when we put you down.  I think you actually really like sleeping in your crib!  Tonight, when I put you down, you were relaxed but awake.  You wiggled around a little, but found your little comfy spot, settled right in, and closed your eyes.  No crying!  Yay for you, Oliver!  Sleep rocks!  I’m glad you like it!  

It was finally nice enough this weekend for you to go out.  You and your Dad went for a long walk on Saturday.  All over the place.  And then Dad took you to Starbucks for coffee.  Well, he had coffee.  You had…nothing.  Soon, though, we will get you kiddie drinks.  I mean, seriously, we are raising a total little yuppie kid.  Right?  When you came home, you looked absolutely thrilled to pieces!  Dad said you absolutely loved the walk, which makes us both look forward to Spring even more than normal Chicagoans already do.  I think that watching you enjoy this Spring will be really, really fun!  Kind of like seeing it through a new pair of eyes! 

Just in time for Spring, Oliver, you have started producing real tears!  This morning while you Dad was holding you, there was a brief meltdown period, during which you had a few little tears coming out of your eyes.  It is kind of crazy to think that all these months you haven’t cried a single tear.  I think if you do start crying tears every time you cry, we won’t know quite how to control all of your fluids, because you have also started to really, really drool a lot!  I don’t think that you are teething quite yet.  At least I really hope you aren’t teething yet!  But man, do you like gnawing your little gums on anything lately. And when I say anything, I mean mostly my finger is your favorite thing to chew on.  But  in a pinch, your fingers will do the trick.  And that is our first picture of you today, Oliver.  You, lying on your changing pad, chewing on both of your thumbs.  It was pretty cute, and a little of a change from you just simply trying to jam both hands fully into your mouth.  You are such a boy, my little boy!  

The other photo we took tonight too. We took you to see your Grandma Annie today, and when she held you, I couldn’t believe how big you looked compared to the last time she held you.  So when I put you in your jammies tonight, I thought we’d take another photo of you in your bassinet.  You are looking pretty cute, and I like these little nightgowns on you more now that you are older and you don’t squirm so much.  They stay down around your feet a little better.  Anyway… we may be getting close to the end of the “Oliver in his Bassinet” series of photos.  We’re almost out of space my little guy!  

Well, you are in bed, and I think that we are off to bed as well, Oliver.  See you…in the morning?





I’m pretty sure this one is actually a cow.

February 4, 2009

Well, Oliver, I think you officially have your first cold.  It isn’t too bad…mostly you just sound really congested when you cry, and you want to be held and cuddled pretty much all the time.  Not interested in the play mat or the bouncy seat or anything else for that matter.  Just snuggling.  So, I took the day off of work to stay home and snuggle with you.  

I decided not to go in around 5 this morning, when I had you in the bed with me to nurse, and you just couldn’t get comfy.  You were more than happy to lay there and have your 1st breakfast, but when you were done….man alive, the fidgeting!  And then you started crying and carrying on.  All I could think was that you seriously needed a few more hours of sleep before your day started, and, truthfully so did I.  So after trying to settle you down, I brought you back to your crib and put you down to see what happened.  You know what?  You settled right down, and went right back to sleep.  

So, I guess you are done sleeping with us for the moment.  I hope that sometimes that changes and you might need a little comfort from a bad dream or a tummy ache.  But, I totally understand digging your own bed and being comfy all by yourself.  I mean, seriously, you can spread out wherever you want, roll over wherever you want, and if you need a cool space on the sheet, you don’t have to search around too much, because nobody else has warmed it up already.  I’ll do my best to always put you back in your own bed, but really, it’s your own fault you are so dang snuggly!

Today’s photos of you are below, and you are looking like a little grown up boy.  We got you a bumbo seat to help you sit up, and as long as I hand you toys to occupy you, you totally dig it.  Pictured with you is one of your favorite toys at the moment…we call him Space Cow.  If I hand it to you, you reach for it and put it right into your mouth.  And if we hang it from the play mat, you grab it with both hands and pull it…straight to your mouth.  It’s pretty fun to watch, and you seem to have a jolly old time with your Space Cow buddy.  

Sweet dreams little guy.  Hope you feel better tomorrow.  Mommy’s drinking lots of Orange Juice and Chicken Soup to try to help you out a little.  



Next up… flying cars…

February 3, 2009

Oliver, yesterday we had a great iChat with your grandparents.  Below are some photos that your Ukki captured from his end.  

I know by the time you are old enough to appreciate that we did this, it will probably be completely antiquated technology.  You’ll probably be able to transport yourself for a quick chat to wherever you want, and then get home in time for dinner.  And before you laugh, when your Mom was a kid, they used to talk about telephones where you would be able to see each other one day.  And… here we are.   





Oh, Oliver, we like the Champagne!

February 1, 2009

Well, Oliver, you got your first taste of alcohol today.  We didn’t want to start you too young, but we felt like since you can roll over and hold your head up now, it was time.  So, your Mom had some Champagne with brunch today.  Good Champagne… the real French stuff!  We wouldn’t want to start you out on crap.  It was officially  the first champagne your Mom has had since the night you were conceived.  Almost a full year, which for your Mom, is a pretty impressive stretch to go without any good bubbly.  You seemed to handle it fine.  Probably because your Mom got a little loopy after less than half a glass.  Major bummer for her.  Probably good for you, and definitely good for your Dad, who got to finish the glass!  

You may wonder what your parents were doing drinking on a Sunday morning.  Well, Oliver, some friends invited us over for a lox and bagel brunch, and we took you with us.  Along with a bottle of Champagne.  Did I mention I got to have some Champagne today?  Oh… ok.  

The lox and bagels were nothing short of amazing, and it is always nice to see our friends Josh and Susan.  They were talking to us about where in Evanston we should be looking for a house.  What school districts to avoid, what streets have kind of cute houses, where we can get a bigger yard, what neighborhoods seem to be friendlier…. all that good stuff parents think about as soon as they have a baby.  

The brunch was certainly the highlight of our weekend.  Did I mention there was Champagne? Oh… ok.  Anyway, the rest of the weekend was pretty quiet for you.  Your new nap schedule means you are only awake for about 2 hours at a shot, but you are taking much, much better naps.  And, you are a happier little dude for it.  It does make it harder to do anything, particularly because we are trying to give you motionless sleep, which means no more car seat naps, except as a very rare necessity.  Apparently runs to Target for a little browsing  doesn’t qualify as a necessity.  Oh well.  It’s actually way more fun to have you playing around the house.  

So, a few photos of you today.  When I put you in the carseat today, you just looked really, really big all of the sudden, which kind of surprised me considering that we didn’t even put a coat on you, just a sweater.  We put a blanket over you too, but I gotta tell you, it hit almost 40 degrees here today, so none of us really wore coats.  Just a sweater and a blanket for you.  (Don’t worry, Amma, it was a handknit wool sweater!  Very warm!)  I’m putting the photo of you in the car seat when we brought you home from the hospital up again too.  Just for comparisons sake.  You really have gotten big.  

To show off that bigness, a photo of you in your bassinet.  Just hanging, being adorable, and showing off your robot outfit.  We put you in it a lot, with your NASA onesie underneath it.  

The last photo is of you and your Dad.  I was leaving to go to a conference for a few hours on Saturday, and saw you on the sofa with your Dad as I was walking out the door.  The sight of your little hands reaching up to his made me choke up a bit, Oliver, and I had to stop and take a photo of it, even though I was already running late.  It was just one of those moments I really wanted to remember how small you are even as you are so big.  

Love you my little man.  






There are no stupid questions.

January 30, 2009

Oliver, your Dad just asked me if babies can sleep too much.  

The answer is no.